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HZET-1230A Intelligent Cell Activator

HZET-1230A Intelligent Cell Activator

Details :

HZET-1230A Intelligent Cell Activator

HZT-2612CT smart cell activator has three independent modes of use: battery discharge mode, battery charging mode and battery activation mode. According to the actual situation of different backward batteries, the capacity test of backward batteries can be carried out, low voltage constant current charging, or multiple cycle charging and discharging of backward batteries can be set up to stimulate the active substance of battery plate failure to activate the batteries and enhance the capacity of backward batteries. At the same time, it is equipped with application software to upload the collected data to the computer for various analysis. It can monitor the quality of batteries for a long time and find out all kinds of problems affecting the quality of batteries.

Functional characteristics

1. 5.7 inch color LCD touch screen display, which can directly set parameters and operate on the touch screen.

All discharge (charge) parameters can be viewed on the screen, and the charge and discharge voltage curve can be displayed in real time, and the activation process of the battery can be animated. On-line activation diagnosis and treatment of backward batteries does not affect the operation of the system

L has power-off memory function: after power recovery, the activator will continue to complete the unfinished work before power failure.

L has the function of measuring the internal resistance of the battery pack. It can help to judge the activation effect of the battery by testing the internal resistance of the battery.

L has the function of parameter preset. It can preset the most commonly used discharge parameters in the instrument. When it comes to the scene, it is convenient for maintenance personnel to start with one key and adjust the corresponding parameters.

Powerful, can charge (discharge) battery separately, and continuous N times (not more than 9) cycle charge (discharge) electricity

Mandarin menu operation, the screen can display every step of operation prompts, user-friendly use

L Instrument built-in discharge current automatic calculation function, according to the nominal capacity of the battery and the required discharge hour rate to automatically calculate the required discharge current.

The instrument has built-in large capacity memory, which can store 100 sets of test data.

L has the interface of Ethernet and RS232. It can import data into computer and manage it by computer.

Powerful stochastic software can analyze the long-term operation status of battery charging (discharging) and activation, and find out various problems affecting battery quality.