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HZET-380 Series Intelligent AC False Load

HZET-380 Series Intelligent AC False Load

Details :

HZET-380 Series Intelligent AC False Load

Intelligent AC Power Supply Detector + Intelligent AC False Load

HZT380 series intelligent AC false load has intelligent control technology to realize synchronous completion of on-load discharge and parameter detection. After testing, the data can be self-contained by the background software.

Generate test report dynamically. It is an indispensable test instrument for engineering acceptance and daily maintenance of UPS, generator and other AC power supply equipment. It can be widely used in communication, power and civil aviation.

On-line high-power UPS, inverters and diesel generator set performance testing, aging and other occasions of departments and factories.

Functional characteristics

Steady-state test function: automatic test of three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, running time, energy accumulation and other functions

Transient testing (load suddenly, load suddenly unloading) function: can automatically test the maximum and minimum voltage, current maximum and minimum, frequency maximum and minimum of each phase when load suddenly changes. The power and power factor of each phase can be calculated automatically.

Setting test function: It can automatically capture the maximum and minimum values of voltage, current and frequency, three-phase power and power factor, running time, and calculate the relative voltage and frequency setting rising and falling range and adjusting rate.

L Fluctuation Testing Function: It can automatically capture the maximum and minimum of voltage, current and frequency fluctuation, three-phase power and power factor, running time, and calculate steady frequency band, steady voltage deviation, voltage modulation, fluctuation rate and frequency.

L Harmonic Analysis Function: It can simultaneously analyze the total 2-50 harmonics of various voltages and currents.

It can be used for three-phase power test or single-phase power test.

Parallel function: It can realize multi-load parallel test to meet the needs of high-power test.

Phase Sequence Detection Function: It can detect the phase sequence of engine and UPS

Using 5.7 inch color touch screen, full Chinese operation interface, convenient and intuitive

L Instrument built-in large memory storage, can store up to 250 groups of test data, without carrying a computer, stand-alone can work.

The computer can monitor the load real-time data through USB interface, or import the test data into the computer through serial port or U disk for data, graphics analysis, report printing, etc.

L has the function of overheating protection. After overheating, the load is automatically turned off, the discharge is terminated and the alarm is given to the user.